The author and a new beginning

The author and a new beginning

The author and a new beginningThe author and a new beginningThe author and a new beginning

About Me

My  book  takes you on my journey from a profitable business in California to a new career with a Big Box Company.  

This book came out of my experiences on a day to day basis, the good and bad, exciting and not so exciting. It reveals the struggles of pleasing the company and the customer at the same time. 

The first couple of chapters finds us in California and why we decided to leave it all behind.  We talk about why we left and our new possibilities.  Follow us through our move to a new location  and the ups and down of finding a new home and jobs.

As one of our followers, you are part of a fantastic community.  We invite you to share your experiences with working for 'The Company' or 'A company'.  It will be a  time of release or venting,  and hopefully therapeutic.  We would  like to know if you have had similar experiences and how you cope with situations. )

Thank you so much for being part of this community. 

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